Dropbox for Developers

October 12, 2010

Dropbox, the web-based file hosting service which uses cloud computing to provide users with storage and sharing of files between numerous desktop and mobile operating systems, has announced the availability of the Dropbox API, an interface for developers that according to the company, will allow you to “supercharge your mobile applications with online file...

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Google TV: Coming soon to a screen near you

October 7, 2010

Google TV is a new platform that combines traditional TV programming with the World Wide Web. Based on the Android operating system, it provides television sets with access to all kinds of multimedia, applications and websites from the Internet. Users will be able to zap from watching regular television channels to surfing the Internet...

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Search Engine Optimization through Microformats

October 6, 2010

Microformats are sets of open data formats used on web pages to describe a specific type of information. These sets of data are known as entities and they have their own properties. For example, a person has properties like name, age, gender, or email address. Likewise, a product has properties like price, color, weight,...

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The Secrets behind Google’s Ranking Algorithm

September 24, 2010

Google uses about 200 ranking factors to determine the position of a web page in the search results but it does not reveal the list of those ranking factors, neither how exactly they are weighted. All we know is that those 200 ranking factors are the components of Google’s secret ranking algorithm, that its...

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