Google TV: Coming soon to a screen near you

October 7, 2010

Google TV is a new platform that combines traditional TV programming with the World Wide Web. Based on the Android operating system, it provides television sets with access to all kinds of multimedia, applications and websites from the Internet. Users will be able to zap from watching regular television channels to surfing the Internet...

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Web Sites to Buy Green Tech Products

September 22, 2010

Being in the IT industry doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be green. Quite the opposite, actually, since you have access to the latest gadgetry and innovations that can make your life more enjoyable, while at the same time making this one planet we all share, more sustainable. Today, Internet shopping has made possible...

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How To Create a Recovery Disk for Windows

August 11, 2010

Recovery discs are used to rescue your operating system and applications in the event of severe malfunctioning. They can also be used to simply restore back to a pre-defined condition your software, so your PC will run as it did when you created the disk. Think of it as a restore point. Recovery discs...

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Save Power, Conserve Battery and Electricity in PCs using Granola

May 28, 2010

In this age, when there is growing concern over saving battery power in laptops and saving electricity in desktops, Granola comes as a useful freeware program, which allows you to reduce the power consumption of your computer for up to 35%. How does Granola Work to Save Power? Granola can help you save money on electricity be reducing...

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