Keeping Your Racknine CRM Data Safe and Secure

February 20, 2010

Here are a few tips we are sharing with our clients about keeping their CRM instances safe and secure. This is mostly targeted at organizations that are currently using Salesforce’s platform. We can broadly break up this topic into two areas: Physical Security Machine Access – If you or your staff operate in a...

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Why Do CRM Projects Fail?

Nearly one-third of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software deployments end in failure, according to independent research firm AMR Research Inc. In this article Bob Sullivan lists some useful tips from both executives who have failed and from those who have succeeded in turning projects around. It is always reassuring to see that what we...

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When would be the right time for a full scale CRM Software?

As the workforce becomes better technologically capable, more companies are asking themselves the following the question “When is the right time for a Full Scale CRM system?” In my experience, the moment you start considering this question is probably the right time to move to a full scale CRM system. If you are asking...

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