How to create Mobile Websites

December 6, 2010

It’s a Mobile World, no doubt about it, and every second that passes by even more, with over a thousand more mobile phone users being added to the global community per minute. Mobile Web access has been accelerating since 2007 with the advent of multi-touch smartphones, and more recently since 2010, with the emergence...

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Brave New Code

November 4, 2010

BraveNewCode Inc. is run by two Canadian gentlemen, who define themselves as “not only good looking folks, but with skills and abilities too”. However, do not allow yourself to be misguided by the sight of their pictures. They actually do have skills and abilities, apart from a great sense of humor. What began in...

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Microsoft surrenders to WordPress

September 29, 2010

Microsoft is closing down its fledgling Live Spaces blog network and moving all of its users to The director of Windows Live product management Dharmesh Mehta revealed the partner announcement with Automattic (the parent company behind on Monday. Mehta said Microsoft had decided it was best to partner rather than try to...

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Guerilla WordPress

September 4, 2010

Guerilla WordPress installs are websites which use a WordPress Content Management System in such an unconventional way that it’s almost impossible to recognize them as WordPress-powered sites. Below you can see a few of Alex Walker‘s favorite incognito WordPress sites, courtesy of SitePoint Design View via 1001Templates: Spotify WordPress as a cloud-based music service...

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