Understanding Windows Azure

January 26, 2011

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform composed of specific cloud technologies, each providing a specific set of services to application developers that tie up with familiar Windows applications. Windows Azure has three main components: Compute, Storage and Fabric. There is a scalable environment with computing (web and worker roles), storage (blob storage, table...

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Dropbox for Developers

October 12, 2010

Dropbox, the web-based file hosting service which uses cloud computing to provide users with storage and sharing of files between numerous desktop and mobile operating systems, has announced the availability of the Dropbox API, an interface for developers that according to the company, will allow you to “supercharge your mobile applications with online file...

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Security Patch for Flash

September 21, 2010

Adobe has issued updates for the Flash Player on all platforms to address a vulnerability being exploited in the wild. Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and Adobe Flash Player for Android are vulnerable. Adobe categorizes this as a critical issue. The new version is on Android...

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How To Create a Recovery Disk for Windows

August 11, 2010

Recovery discs are used to rescue your operating system and applications in the event of severe malfunctioning. They can also be used to simply restore back to a pre-defined condition your software, so your PC will run as it did when you created the disk. Think of it as a restore point. Recovery discs...

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