An Animated History of the Internet

July 1, 2010

“History of the Internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to file-sharing, from ARPANET to Internet. The video however, stops at 1990, right when things on the Internet started to get really interesting for the average user. Perhaps there should be a new version that  includes Web 2.0. Credits Director &...

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Firefox Add-ons to make your life easier

June 23, 2010

In order to improve efficiency I’ve  made some research on what Firefox Add-ons would be useful for my daily SEO tasks, and I have come up with this list of Mozilla-compatible Add-ons that are truly awesome. Just a word of caution: Although I highly recommend all of them, before installing any, make sure that...

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The Benefits of Blogging

June 22, 2010

Writing today about the world of technological advances almost necessarily implies the creation of a blog. A blog is the ideal medium for anything related to technology because it allows to further develop concepts on a daily basis and post updates on the published topics. And of course, all the power of Internet is...

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Platform as a Service (PaaS) on Cloud Computing

May 19, 2010

Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows for the deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosting capabilities, providing all of the facilities required to support the complete life cycle of building and delivering web applications and services entirely available from the Internet...

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