Android OS poised for World dominance

November 11, 2010

The smartphone market has seen some substantial changes during the third quarter of 2010, with Nokia slowing down its pace as Android races ahead on an overall market that almost doubled from 41m to 80.5m units, according to Gartner’s report: “Forecast: Mobile Communications Devices by Open Operating System, 2007-2014.” Although Nokia increased the number...

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Google’s Street View violates Canadian Privacy Law

October 20, 2010

Canada’s Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has stated that Google broke Canada’s Privacy Law by collecting personal information from unsecured wireless networks across the country for its Street View application. “Our investigation shows that Google did capture personal information — and, in some cases, highly sensitive personal information such as complete e-mails. This incident...

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Google TV: Coming soon to a screen near you

October 7, 2010

Google TV is a new platform that combines traditional TV programming with the World Wide Web. Based on the Android operating system, it provides television sets with access to all kinds of multimedia, applications and websites from the Internet. Users will be able to zap from watching regular television channels to surfing the Internet...

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Recorded Future

October 1, 2010

Our life experiences determine what we are. Based on choices we make, we lead our lives into different paths that have led us to where we are today. If we could only accurately predict how events or choices will shape our future, we could prepare and take action about the possible consequences of those...

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