How Cloud Computing will command Local and International Markets

January 23, 2014

How Cloud Computing Will Dominate Emerging Markets (via slashdot) Cloud computing will continue to be the way of the future– not only domestically, but for international emerging markets, as well. Studies project that more than 50 percent of all information technology will be in the cloud within the next five to…  

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The Future of Cloud Hosting

December 17, 2013

The Future of Cloud Hosting (via slashdot) The rapid growth of cloud computing follows a logical trajectory that began with the dot-com boom in the ‘90s. More small businesses needing server capacity to manage Websites created a market for shared hosting to meet consumer need at a much lower…

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Free Storage Options on the Cloud

March 18, 2011

I have been storing all kinds of data onto all kinds of physical storage devices since as far back as 1989. My first memories of digital data storage come from those prehistorical 8-inch diskettes on which I carried dBASE and WordStar documents created on MS-DOS machines. I have used 880 kByte floppy disks where,...

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Understanding Windows Azure

January 26, 2011

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform composed of specific cloud technologies, each providing a specific set of services to application developers that tie up with familiar Windows applications. Windows Azure has three main components: Compute, Storage and Fabric. There is a scalable environment with computing (web and worker roles), storage (blob storage, table...

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