Why a Metered Internet for Canada is such a Bad Idea

January 28, 2011

While the rest of the world is embracing unlimited broadband Internet on a scale never seen before, Canada’s Radio-Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), has approved Telecom Order CRTC 2010-657, that will allow Bell and other big telecom companies to charge Canadians by the byte, in what is known as usage-based billing (UBB). On May 6 2010...

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Google’s Street View violates Canadian Privacy Law

October 20, 2010

Canada’s Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has stated that Google broke Canada’s Privacy Law by collecting personal information from unsecured wireless networks across the country for its Street View application. “Our investigation shows that Google did capture personal information — and, in some cases, highly sensitive personal information such as complete e-mails. This incident...

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Amazon’s “Business Methods” patentable in Canada

October 15, 2010

When  America’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com applied in 1998 for a Canadian patent of its online shopping “method and system”, Canada’s Commissioner of Patents eventually rejected the application on the grounds that it didn’t comply with the definition of “invention” as found in s. 2 of Canada’s Patent Act, although she did acknowledge that...

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Internet Shopping growing rapidly in Canada

September 28, 2010

Statistics Canada has just reported that 39% of Canadians aged 16 and over used the Internet to place more than 95 million orders last year, up by a third from 2007 levels when 70 million orders were placed. In total, 51 per cent of Canadians within the age group from 16 to 34 years old bought...

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