Code Signing Certificates
With public concern for online security at an all-time high, computer users are no longer willing to download software without proof that it’s legitimate. With a Code Signing Certificate, software developers and other content publishers can “sign” their code, thereby reassuring customers it’s the real thing.

Code Signing Certificates are perfect for software publishers and content providers of ActiveX controls, dynamic link libraries (.dll files), .cab files, HTML content or any other software distributed over the Internet or via an extranet. They effectively help protect intellectual property by warding off impersonation and tampering. Code signing implementations also provide updates and patches to existing software safely. Most Linux, Apple and Windows update services use code signing certificates to make sure that the code the end user is receiving has not been altered or corrupted.

You’ve probably already seen Code Signing Certificates in action when attempting to download and install new software and a dialog box has appeared identifying the publisher. In those cases, had there been any alteration of the original code, the digital signature would have broken, alerting potential users that the content isn’t certified and can’t be trusted.

Therefore, developers who want to distribute their software on the Internet should consider code signing with a certificate issued by a trusted certificate authority. Browsers and operating systems are continually improving security measures, and many currently scan downloaded files to check for digital signatures.

RackNine’s Code Signing Certificates are fully integrated with Industry-Standard Technology and allow publishers to sign .exe, .cab, .dll, and .ocx files; Java Applets and MIDlets; Microsoft® Office documents with macros; and other types of files that support digital signatures.

Bear in mind that as an individual you can’t request Code Signing Certificates, as they are available only to legally registered companies with a registered status of “Good Standing”, “Active” or equivalent. That includes any commercial or open source provider who distributes code or content over the Internet or via an extranet. A RackNine Code Signing Certificate is also essential for publishers wishing to protect their reputations by making it impossible for impersonators to successfully tamper with their trusted products.

Registration will be confirmed with the appropriate government agency before issuing the Code Signing Certificate. Only businesses whose identity can be verified via various state or federal governmental agencies can be issued with one.

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