Virtual Private Vs Dedicated Servers

July 12, 2010

ServersIt is a question often pondered, specially in the realm of SMBs owners. What’s the best option for our business, Virtual Private or Dedicated Servers? And the answer like always, is that it depends.

If you are running a small business operation, that is not meant to grow considerably, then shared hosting is all that you will ever need. “Shared” in this context simply means that a number of domain names are hosted on the same server, whose resources they all share.

However, if you or your company are involved in more complex operations, or are running a number large traffic sites, time comes when you’ll need to consider managing your own servers.

If you decide to go down the “Dedicated” road there are two main options to choose from, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, which you should evaluate according to your requirements. A Virtual Private Server has basically the same features that a Dedicated Server does. You have access to your own control panel and you can accomplish the same tasks that you would with a dedicated server. The only real difference among the two is the performance level of the server itself.

Another option you have to decide upon is the platform on which your web applications and related software will be running, either Linux or Windows. Linux servers are the favorite for the majority of websites all over the Internet, but if you have specific needs to run Windows applications and frameworks, such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server, then you’d be probably better off choosing the Windows platform, because it is definitely more convenient, although this is not mandatory, as you could run them pretty much the same on top of Linux.

In any case, unless you are a computer professional specialized in Internet Services, you should really seek a provider that can provide you with the best technical advice and who has an excellent reputation when it comes to customer service.

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