Advantages of hosting an exchange server with RackNine

February 23, 2010

Hosted Exchange is a full featured Microsoft Exchange solution hosted on a secure web server that can be accessible from any location and any internet enabled device. There are a number of advantages of using Hosted Exchange vs running your own Private Server:

Ease of Deployment

Exchange accounts can be immediately activated on the hosted server and allow a new team member to be live and working in Exchange within a matter of hours.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Hosted Exchange is priced a small fee per month per account with no minimum contract fees. When comparing against purchasing and setting up your own Exchange server there are a number of costs to consider:

  • Buying a dedicated Server & Firewall
  • Purchasing an Microsoft Exchange server licence
  • Time and cost of ongoing maintenance and specialist IT support
  • Other peripheral costs such as Electricity, Security and Internet connectivity.

For small and medium sized businesses, a Hosted Exchange is ultimately much more cost efficient.

Accessible Anywhere

Hosted Exchange is already configured for access via any Outlook enabled device which can connect to the internet. No matter where you are you can access your emails, address book and calendar. Use any of the following access methods:

  • The Web (Outlook Web Access)
  • Your Mobile Phone or PDA (Outlook Mobile Access)
  • Your Blackberry device (Blackberry Enterprise Server)
  • A secondary or Tertiary computer (Web Access or additional Outlook Profiles)

Fully Managed and Supported

The hosting data centre and Exchange Servers are managed 24/7 by Racknine. The scale and redundancy of the operation ensures uptime exceeds 99.8%. This gives your business peace of mind that your Exchange account will be operational.

Most importantly, the Hosted Exchange platform is fully managed and supported free of charge. This means no expensive IT tech support charges every time you have a question. Simply telephone or email to get immediate help and support.

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