War of the Browsers

June 29, 2010

browsersPC Magazine has just released its latest Summer 2010 Edition of The Best Browser.

These are the contenders:

With the Chrome-Opera JavaScript speed war, HTML5 video support coming in IE9, and an improved Safari from Apple, can Firefox keep the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice?

Google Chrome, Google’s entrance into the browser fray just over a year ago has sent shockwaves through the Web, delivering a potent challenge to long-time favorite Firefox. Perhaps even more eye-opening is the radical ground shift Google envisions by making the Chrome browser the centerpiece of a new Google Chrome OS in which every application lives in the Web, rather than on your local machine. All browser makers want to enable sites that act like rich, responsive local applications, but are the pieces in place for this vision now? Is the most forward-looking browser the best browser to use today?

Google isn’t alone when it comes to browser innovation. The key goal of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 is “bringing the whole power of the PC to the Web,” according to Internet Explorer Principal Group Program Manager Rob Mauceri. That’s what’s behind the next Microsoft browser’s use of hardware acceleration. Another phrase I keep hearing from the IE team is “same markup.” This means letting Web developers write one set of code that displays the same on every browser. If you talk to people from competitors, they’ll tell you that Microsoft strayed from the same markup concept a few years back and now is playing catch-up.

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