RackNine helps Edmonton woman recover data after Microsoft scam

September 12, 2014

An Edmonton woman was conned into letting a computer hacker gain access to her personal computer. Next thing she knew she was being blackmailed and lost access to all the data in her computer. Fortunately RackNine’s CEO Matt Meier was able to recover all of her data, which included her husband’s business files, banking information, family pictures, etc.

Watch the full CTV video at the following link:


Microsoft Support scammers have been increasingly active during the past few months. They operate by placing calls to unsuspecting computer users and identifying themselves as Technical Support Staff from Microsoft. They go on to explain that the reason for contacting you is because they discovered that your computer is infected with some kind of virus and they offer their help to clean it up.

Additionally they need to trick their victims into allowing them to remotely access their computers, and the moment they’re granted access they effectively take complete control of the machine, locking their victims out.

Next they will demand payment for the services offered and ask for a credit card number. The computer is now genuinely infected with spyware from the scammers, and if they ever return control to the victim after payment is with the only purpose of trying to steal as much additional personal information, passwords, etc. as possible, to try breaking into their bank accounts or fake their identities.

Matt Meier recommends that if you suspect your computer has been compromised take immediate action by unplugging and disconnecting it from the Internet and taking the machine to someone you trust. In most cases data can be recovered without need of wiping out the whole drive, a step that some big-box stores don’t bother to do. And of course, always back-up your data, so if you find you’ve been hacked, or affected by any other unfortunate event, you can still recover your files.