The Rise of Linux in Embedded Systems

November 20, 2013

You’ve undoubtedly witnessed the tremendous development in the nano-Linux niche lately. The Raspberry Pi jumpstarted the nano-Linux movement and has sold over 1.75 million units. It has various video capabilities, is programmed primarily in Python and has rudimentary input/output capabilities (digital input/output, but no analog to digital conversion) that allow simple interaction with the...

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Linking Human Knowledge with Machine Data

September 20, 2013

A New System to Link Human Knowledge with Machine Data (via slashdot) There have been dozens of experimental design approaches to the problem of connecting human nerves with mechanical or electronic extensions. In addition to “smart prosthetics,” there have been more adventurous attempts, including the effort to connect…

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The Cloud becoming a genuine extension of Data Centers

August 30, 2013

A new study examining the ways large companies use computing platforms concludes that the cloud is passing the tipping point between its earlier status as a playground for marketing and dev/ops projects and is becoming a genuine extension of Data Center resources. During the last 12 months large companies have increased their spending on...

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Setting up email accounts with RackNine

July 9, 2013

In this how-to article we’ll show you how you can create email addresses using the Workspace Control Center in a quick and easy way. First you need to log in to your Account Manager and click on ‘EMAIL’. Besides our regular email plans, RackNine also provides free email addresses when registering a domain, or...

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