SEO and Beyond

May 4, 2010

A common story. The marketing team from Company A recognizes the need for an internet presence. They hire a web designer who creates an awesome (read non-indexable Flash) website and a web developer (usually PHP-MySQL) to do the coding. Marketing department is very impressed with the final product, and shortly after pushing it live...

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Disable Unnecessary Features in Windows

April 9, 2010

Windows is automatically installed with lots of software and features that are not always useful or needed. You can optimize your system, making it faster and saving hard drive space, by disabling the stuff you’re not using. Here’s how you do it (works with all Windows versions): Windows 7: 1. Click the Windows button...

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8 Tips to make the Most of Microsoft Outlook

February 25, 2010

How much of your day is spent on e-mail? A study done by the ePolicy Institute found that the average worker spends a whopping one hour and 47 minutes a day on e-mail, but web workers often spend far more time than that on it. That’s why it makes sense to take a break...

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Set yourself a reminder in MS Outlook to reply to a message

Have you ever forgotten to reply to an important message? It’s easy to set a reminder in Outlook. How to set a reminder to reply to a message In your Inbox, right-click the message that you want to set the reminder for, point to Follow Up on the shortcut menu, and then click Add Reminder. In...

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