6 (common sense) things that you should know about SEO

July 29, 2010

Here at RackNine we are asked on many occasions impossible things like “Get my website on the first page of search results, by next week at the latest. Use any available technique you know of”. I have explained on countless occasions that there’s no such thing as effective Black Hat SEO, no matter how...

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Rich Internet Applications and Frameworks

July 26, 2010

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are web applications that although they behave like common desktop applications, they are usually hosted on cloud servers and delivered through the Internet. Thanks to Ajax, a method that web applications use to make server requests using JavaScript without having to reload the web page, they behave in a very...

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Social CRMs

July 14, 2010

Traditionally, CRMs aim at improved operational effectiveness, easier access to information, and improved interdepartmental collaboration, areas that are all critically important to the success of any business, but that remained usually confined to the internal gears of the company. Social media adds a new dimension to those traditional areas of CRM.  The integration of...

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Virtual Private Vs Dedicated Servers

July 12, 2010

It is a question often pondered, specially in the realm of SMBs owners. What’s the best option for our business, Virtual Private or Dedicated Servers? And the answer like always, is that it depends. If you are running a small business operation, that is not meant to grow considerably, then shared hosting is all...

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