Canadians Connected

September 25, 2010

On September 21, 2010, CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority) held its Annual General Meeting and Symposium in Toronto, called, “Canadians Connected”.

The Symposium brought together .CA domain name owners from all over the country. Nearly 500 people  participated in person, and hundreds more online.

CIRA put together some of the best and brightest minds in the digital world that included:

Terry O’Reilly, advertising and marketing guru, and host of the groundbreaking CBC radio show, The Age of Persuasion, explained Canada’s unique characteristics and described how Canada is perceived by others and by ourselves. His insights enabled us to see that Canadians need to be told stories from a Canadian perspective in order to be persuaded. We also learned that Canadians need to be aware of how they are perceived internationally when trying to persuade others. Internet-minded Canadians must appreciate and understand these insights when learning how to market within Canada and abroad. Marketing Canadian goods and services on the Internet is something that Canadians need to do much better to compete globally and Terry O’Reilly inspired us to do that.

Mitch Joel, social media evangelist and superstar consultant to the world’s top companies, asserted that ‘the future is now’, and that we had better learn to embrace the Internet and take advantage of the paradigm-shifting capabilities that it offers. He implored us to ‘burn the ships’ and explore, in a reference to the discovery of the ‘new world’. He showed us how advertising and marketing in the digital age is dramatically different from the old world and we must adapt or be unable to compete.

John Demco, a living legend who basically gave birth to the .CA registry, talked about how CIRA came to be. Operating from a basement at UBC with a handful of volunteers, he managed and operated the .CA domain name system well before it was transferred to CIRA. Recalling the rudimentary origins of the Canadian Internet and embodying the pioneering spirit, we were inspired to create, to solve, and to innovate.

Paul Vixie, Internet pioneer and creative genius behind many of the technological innovations that helped create and maintain the Internet, reminded us that the fancy graphical user interfaces and speedy services are supported by a labyrinth of software and hardware that only exists as a result of scientists like him who have come up with solutions and fixes without us even being aware.

Chris O’Neil, Internet advertising expert and newly appointed Google Country Director for Canada, after having returned to his native Canada from the U.S., who set out what Google believes to be its ‘big bets’ on the future of the Internet. Having the most senior person in Canada from the world’s greatest commercial Internet innovator reminded us that Canada can have an important leadership role in developing Internet commerce both locally and globally.

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About the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

As stewards of the .CA domain space,  the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) plays a mission- critical role in ensuring that two key elements of the Internet’s infrastructure in Canada are continuously and securely available.

The first is the Canadian Registry, a vast database containing the more than 1.4-million .CA domain names that have been registered.

The second is the Domain Name System (DNS), that connects Internet users worldwide with the DNS or email server they’re looking for when they enter a .CA name into their web browser or email program.

Ensuring the security, stability and resiliency of these critical components of the Internet in Canada is CIRA’s goal since the inception of the organization and will continue to be a primary focal point for the future.

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