Save Power, Conserve Battery and Electricity in PCs using Granola

May 28, 2010

save power batteryIn this age, when there is growing concern over saving battery power in laptops and saving electricity in desktops, Granola comes as a useful freeware program, which allows you to reduce the power consumption of your computer for up to 35%.

How does Granola Work to Save Power?

Granola can help you save money on electricity be reducing the power consumption of your PC without affecting your normal work routine or causing performance loss. The program uses sophisticated workload modeling and prediction algorithms to monitor your computer usage and slows down the CPU when you are not actively using any processing power.

Granola also tracks your energy consumption and produces a report that estimates your total savings (based on your local energy rate). The program will start saving you energy as soon as you install it, no further configuration is needed although there are some settings available to customize the reports and desired energy savings.

Your energy savings will depend on how you are using your system. If you mostly surf the Internet and check email, the savings will be substantial and probably 30% or more. If you are playing the latest intensive graphic game without a high-end graphics card, the savings will probably be less; perhaps as low as 10%.

Features of Granola – The Power Saving Software

  • Most effective power saving software for Windows and Linux
  • Sophisticated workload prediction improves upon built-in CPU governors
  • Works with your existing power management settings
  • Lightweight userspace daemon
  • Runs in the background
  • No noticeable performance loss

[Download Granola]