Keeping Your Racknine CRM Data Safe and Secure

February 20, 2010

Here are a few tips we are sharing with our clients about keeping their CRM instances safe and secure. This is mostly targeted at organizations that are currently using Salesforce’s platform.

We can broadly break up this topic into two areas:

Physical Security

Machine Access – If you or your staff operate in a fairly public environment where their machines could easily be accessed by others, you need to take extreme care to ensure that your users logout whenever they are away from their machines. Since it is likely that Users will forget to logout it would be prudent to setup a frequent Session Timeout.

Written Passwords – Ensure that your users are not writing their username and password on a sheet of paper which is next to their computer.

Digital Security

Strong Passwords – We recommend that you set your password policy so that at least 8 characters are required with a mix of alpha and numeric. Never allow the password to be used as a part of the username or the security question.

Password Expiration – We recommend you have your passwords expire at least once every 90 days and more frequently if you organization can handle it.

Disable Accounts – Don’t forget to disable accounts for former employees and consultants who may have been on the system in the past.

Audit Your Login History – Check out who is logging into your CRM instance by viewing the Login History or User Adoption Dashboards. You may even want to setup a report that you can check on a periodic basis.

RackNine can help you find and administer the right CRM solution for your business, that can be hosted either on our own servers or the Cloud Computing network of your choice.

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