The Entertainment Side of Bing

With content on the web exponentially exploding, it is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate and find what you are really looking for. Microsoft has found that as far as  entertainment goes, about 76 percent of surfers use search engines to help find and navigate their entertainment options online, although only 10 percent say they have a trusted website or portal to land.

The Bing team has seen the huge opportunity right there and working with key groups inside Microsoft that possess an extensive entertainment background, have started making significant investments in four key areas: Music, Gaming, Movies and TV.

Microsoft research has also found that more than 70 percent of people look for song lyrics online, and Bing has added plenty of lyrics for searchers. Zune is also offering a single free play of all five million songs in its catalog, and then the songs can be repeated in 30-second previews.

Soon, Microsoft will offer the ability to purchase or download songs from Zune, iTunes and MP3. This model could encourage consumers to turn to Bing first to find new music. Whether it brings any incremental revenue to the Zune store remains to be seen.

On the gaming front, Microsoft is offering detailed information on more than 35,000 games, including in-depth reviews, cheats and walk-throughs. Searchers can find and play (for free) about 100 popular games from within Bing. That keeps computers safe from malware, Microsoft said. It also keeps gamers in the Bing universe, which could ultimately be good for Xbox Live, since there are likely to be promotions there.

Microsoft research also found that 30 percent of people watch all their TV episodes online, and more than 60 percent of people have used a search engine to look for full-length TV shows online. Bing Entertainment now offers thousands of episodes from more than 1,500 shows.

Finally, Microsoft reported that 90 percent of people go to search engines to find movie information. Bing Entertainment works to offer movie reviews, real-time Twitter and Facebook feedback, traffic info and directions, and restaurants and parking information from Bing Maps.

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Alternative Search Engines

Believe it or not there’s Search Engines’ life beyond Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

In fact, there are literally dozens of quite decent Alternative Search Engines that can help you find all sorts of great stuff that you wouldn’t be able to find with the Big Three, at least not so straight forward.

Check out 38 of those Alternative Search Engines on the list below:

  1. Ask A big Search Engine that keeps trying to find its place as a worthy alternative
  2. Clusty A clustering search engine
  3. Duck Duck Go A new search engine with less garbage and better results
  4. Clipblast The Internet’s fastest growing Web-Wide Video Index, Search and Navigation Platform.
  5. A9 Helps people find what they want on the world’s leading e-commerce sites.
  6. Quintura A visual search engine that extracts keywords from search results and builds a word cloud. By clicking words in the cloud, you refine you search.
  7. Powerset A better way to search and discover information in Wikipedia articles. (Update: Powerset was bought by Microsoft and their service is no longer available. All queries redirect now to A real shame)
  8. AdaptiveBlue AdaptiveBlue makes products that leverage personalization and semantics to create a better online experience
  9. Google Experimental Take a peek into unrolled new features at Google aimed at improving the search experience.
  10. Twitter Search Search Twitter in real time and see what the world is tweeting right now.
  11. Silobreaker Aggregates news, blogs, research, audio, video and other digital media content from global news, shared, user generated and open access social media search.
  12. Twing Forum Search and Community Discovery engine. Search forums by posts, threads and topics, and find the latest hot topics.
  13. Goshme An engine to help you find the best Search Engine for your needs
  14. Viewzi Visual Search Engine great for shopping searches.
  15. ILike Another Search Engine focusing on shopping
  16. Mobot Mobile A mobile Search Engine connecting users through camera phones.
  17. KartOO An interesting visual meta Search Engine
  18. Zuula Provides unaltered results from your favorite search engines.
  19. Liveplasma Music & Movies focused
  20. ZapMeta An Aggregator of Search Engines <
  21. Icerocket Blog Search Real-time blog search engine. Trends tracking.
  22. Ms.Dewey An interactive search engine with a sense of humor
  23. Cuil They say they are cool, you decide.
  24. Mahalo Human Powered, human edited
  25. Ixquick Offers high quality meta-search results in full privacy!
  26. Hakia A semantic Search Engine
  27. Keotag Allows you to tag search multiple engines using a tag generator and social bookmark links generator. Plus Buzz Monitoring
  28. SerphAllows you to track buzz in real time, so you can use to find out what people are saying on the web right now.
  29. Scoopler Another real-time search engine for discovering what people are talking about on the internet at any time.
  30. ChaCha Ask any question in conversational English from a cell phone.
  31. TweetMeme Finds the most tweeted stories, Videos, Images, Blogs and lots more.
  32. Kosmix A guide to the Web, presenting a dashboard of relevant videos, photos, news, commentary, opinion, communities and links to related topics.
  33. OneRiot A social search engine that finds the news, videos and products that people are talking about.
  34. Searchme Browse search results, view videos, find images, listen to music, review news and shop.
  35. Twine Collaborate, manage, organize and share information using this Semantic Web or Web 3.0 service created by Radar Networks.
  36. Wolfram/Alpha First steps of an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.
  37. Yebol Displays associated keywords or search terms alongside search results.
  38. Wowd Fed by what people are actually looking at, not just what Web sites are linking to.