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  1. Unknown says:

    This is a stark reminder that the integrity of any company is only as far reaching as the media would allow. It will be a reminder for all organizations in the industry that believe that minding their own business and doing the right thing in terms of cooperating with law enforcement agencies is no guarantee of not being demonized because of obscure political interests. If you wish to do business having integrity, remove yourself from the realm of politics, there’s no other way around it. There is an opportunity for many discussions and improved processes as a result of this unfortunate event.

    • Rack Nine says:

      It wouldn’t be fair to judge everybody by the acts of a few wrongdoers, there are many honest politicians who would never even dream of transgressing the rules.

      We urge everyone to let the enforcement agencies and Elections Canada do their jobs before jumping to any conclusions and generalizations.

  2. Unknown says:

    Thank you for posting my comments. I was researching for technology and telephony providers for my new group of directors and only heard of your company via the incident Our interest is to commence a VAR agreement to service an untapped market and I entered myself into the inquiry of Racknine.

    In spite of me using a fake name and a fake e-mail address I only deal with companies that executive business with integrity. It may sound contradictory but that’s the way I am.

    Thank you again,

    • Rack Nine says:

      Dear unknown,

      Sorry but unfortunately we are less than impressed by your credentials.
      I’d recommend that you set your sights elsewhere and do not waste your time trying to post misleading comments here again. We’re doing our best to screen out shady characters whose integrity is questionable. That’s just the way we are.

      Thank you.

  3. Kristin says:

    given the prevalance of this type of fraud, are you considering a screening process for calls during campaigns going forward?

    • Rack Nine says:


      As stated above RackNine does not monitor outgoing calls made by customers through the automated service, we just provide the software and hardware platforms. Blaming RackNine for any wrongdoings using those services is akin to blaming Apple for any criminal activity in which the use of iPhones are involved. Or the telephone company for that matter.

  4. gail says:

    seems to me your company got caught up in the same problem that megaupload is having. you provide the service your not the policeman, and people abuse or take advantage of your service. you provide a platform not the content. good luck with that, i hope the whole mess gets straightened for the crime it’s very serious i hope you can help the authorities out. we may be seeing some by-elections or the dreaded full blown national election on the horizon. huge problem and big news next week. good luck with your business.

    • Rack Nine says:

      They are completely different cases. What we’re talking about here are fake pre-recorded voice messages that we couldn’t possibly have known were being sent, as opposed to illegal content residing in servers and being downloaded by million of users on a daily basis. We have zero tolerance towards that type of activity taking place on our servers and have a very strict termination policy that we applied on many occasions.

      As stated in our Privacy Policy,
      “We cooperate with government and law enforcement officials and private parties to enforce and comply with the law. We will disclose any information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate to respond to claims and legal process (including without limitation subpoenas), to protect our property and rights or the property and rights of a third party, to protect the safety of the public or any person, or to prevent or stop activity we consider to be illegal or unethical.”

      Also worth reading are our Terms of Service,
      “RackNine may remove any item of User Content (whether posted to a website hosted by RackNine or posted to this Site) and/or terminate a User’s access to this Site or the Services found at this Site for posting or publishing any material in violation of this Agreement, or for otherwise violating this Agreement (as determined by RackNine in its sole and absolute discretion), at any time and without prior notice.”

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