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  1. Gary Lowes says:

    [...] Free Storage Options upon a Cloud | RackNine's Blog [...]

  2. Steve Atwal says:

    There are more, e.g. I like which gives you 5GB free. They also have a nice iPhone app which allows you to upload directly from the iDevice.

    • Thanks for the info Steve.

      However it must be said that we tried to open an account, but we must have made a mistake at some point during the registration process, because at the end we were left with no options but to purchase one of the commercial plans.

      Curiously enough, right after that failed attempt to register, we were contacted by a company representative who said he was “hoping to learn more about what you’re looking for”.

      We replied that it wasn’t such a big deal, and that we are just doing a comparison between different free storage systems on the cloud, so we can better inform our clients/readers, pointing out that a reader had informed us that we had missed

      Haven’t heard from them since then.

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