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  1. Martin Clark says:

    Aw, this was a categorically helpful post. In theory I’ d like to apply Flash to my websites too – prepossessing measure and earnest application to code an animation graphic…
    but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and conditions appear to fall something below my expectations.
    So I decided to upload the Flash to youTube, where at least I have a better chance of being indexed.
    What are your thoughts on this strategy?

  2. Just having your Flash (converted and) uploaded to YouTube, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a better chance of being indexed.

    You will gain more exposure, perhaps, but you need to properly tag your video, add a description, etc.

  3. Jifeng Situ says:

    Last month we expanded our SWF indexing capabilities thanks to our continued collaboration with Adobe and a new library that is more robust and compatible with features supported by Flash Player 10.1. Additionally, thanks to improvements in the way we handle JavaScript, we are also now significantly better at recognizing and indexing sites that use JavaScript to embed SWF content. Finally, we have made improvements in our video indexing technology, resulting in better detection of when a page has a video and better extraction of metadata such as alternate thumbnails from Flash technology based videos. All in all, our SWF indexing technology now allows us to see content from SWF files on hundreds of millions of pages across the web.

  4. Mark Antare says:

    It’s really needed these days

  5. I really like your lucidity on this issue. I have been producing Flash for a while now, and always wondered how to make it more accessible to crawlers

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