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  1. Newegg has 2TB drives for US$100. That’s five cents per gigabyte. Round trip flights between Vancouver and Montreal cost $2000. I could buy two drives, fill one, fly from one end of the country to the other, deliver the data, let my buddy fill the other one, and then fly back – twelve hours of flying in all, but let’s be cautious and say the whole ordeal takes twenty-four.

    It works out to a $1.10 per gigabyte at 185 Mbps, and I get to say hello to my buddy.

    It is now CHEAPER in Canada to put our downloads onto expensive SSDs, ship them across the country, and them throw them away, instead of paying the $2 per Gb they want to charge us with.

  2. Spirit Bear says:

    Seriously, it’s not enough that they are making multi million dollars, is it?….
    And that is what we call: “GREED”.

  3. Off-topic, Bell calls my house at LEAST three times a day. They have been doing this since August or before. (This is my boyfriend’s apartment. I moved in early August.) He has told them at LEAST a dozen times to stop calling. If we don’t answer, they don’t leave a message on our voicemail. They just call right back. They also call right back if we answer & hang right up. Now, my boyfriend just yells random things like, “Balls!” or “TITS!” when they call. lol Childish, yes, but we are so sick of them calling us constantly. We’re with Rogers. They charge per usage, too, sort of. You get so many GB for a price. There are, like, six different tiers. When you go over your usage limit, they charge per GB. It sucks.

  4. Anurag Garg says:

    Let’s boycott services from greedy Bell and Rogers and promote the alternatives. We need to give our support to companies like TekSavvy ( which give us better bang-per-buck, and hopefully will also force the duopoly of Bell and Rogers to offer better service/rates – we desperately need a healthy competitive environment in Canada!

    So let’s vote with our wallets – let’s all send a strong message that we are not happy with the status quo and that we demand change now. Let’s not wait for the government, CRTC, or someone else to fix this. Switch providers and start saving your hard-earned money ASAP, and spread the word!

    Read more info:

    Sign the petition at:

    Provide feedback to CRTC on its UBB ruling at:

    Request the government to dissolve the CRTC at: