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  1. Vanessa Robles says:

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  2. Nauticus says:

    Here you can find a full article about DoubleClick Ad Planner

  3. Kolber says:

    Hiya! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the great information you may have here on this post. Thanks to you I found the correct answer to my misgivings, how do I expose my placements in DoubleClick Ad Planner? or what are the benefits of exposing my placements, etc … Thanks so much

  4. Conrad says:

    A search engine gets what the user types and then displays a set of results that are relevant to the query. That’s the fundamentals as I understand it. So every AdWords campaign must be built around it.

  5. Don Ryder says:

    December’s Ad Planner 1000 Shows Big Gains for Greeting Card, Consumer Electronics and Weather Sites

  6. Eddy Butler says:

    When you review sites in DoubleClick Ad Planner, I noticed that the unique visitors (estimated cookies) and unique visitors (users) numbers don’t match,
    do you have any idea as to why?

  7. Veronica says:

    Hi there! My name is Veronica.
    Id like to know how to make over $100 per day using AdSense, or other tool, starting now, because I really need to pay some of my student bills by next week, dont ask
    I was looking for a method does NOT include Internet spamming or things like that so this looks the perfect solution. when can we start? do i have to put any money upfront because im kinda broke at the moment.. maybe you can discount from my salary later?
    thank you!

    • Hi Veronica, all,

      there’s no such thing as easy money spamming people on the Internet, that’s just such a ridiculous thing and sorry to say, only a fool would believe such a stupid claim.

      You all should be looking into other venues, this is clearly not the place for that. If you had bothered to read what the post really is about, you’d understand it for yourself.


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  9. Geney says:

    Howdy Veronica! My name is Geney.
    I would really like to present to you a job that pays $50-$120 per HOUR starting in seconds.
    This does NOT involve any spamming
    I am going to tell you everything you want to find out concerning myself

    Dont miss out. This one is real!

    p.s. can i have your picture first please

  10. Jannis says:

    Dear Geney! My name is Jannis.
    I too would like to get a job that pays $60-$100 an HOUR starting this second.
    i don’t mind spamming people to death either, what the heck
    I can send yo apicture and you can thank me later!

    • Dear Geney,

      As you can see now it wasn’t such a great idea to post misleading spamming comments here linking to your (now taken down) site.

      Dear Jannis,
      You have been reported and your IP tracked.

      Thank you both for helping show people how WRONG it is to SPAM others.

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