Web Sites to Buy Green Tech Products

September 22, 2010

Being in the IT industry doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be green. Quite the opposite, actually, since you have access to the latest gadgetry and innovations that can make your life more enjoyable, while at the same time making this one planet we all share, more sustainable.

Today, Internet shopping has made possible finding and buying eco-friendly items so much easier. Below you can visit a few of the websites that sell all kinds of eco-friendly tech products, from rechargeable batteries to computers:

  1. EcoGeek:
    EcoGeek devotes its pages to exploring the symbiosis between nature and technology. They define their mission as trying “to keep 6 billion people happy without destroying our planet.”
  2. Clean Air Shop:
    This blog sponsors a shop for energy efficient lighting products, solar ovens, thermostats, electricity meters, batteries and other tools that will help you save money and the environment.
  3. RE-PC Online Store:
    This online store works through ebay, and you can search for recycled game cartridges, cables, input devices, laptops and more.
  4. Green cell phone carriers:
    This About.com article lists several cell phone carriers that make donations to environmental groups, offer tree-free billing and use environmentally-friendly wrapping.
  5. HYmini:
    This portable wind-powered tool charges your iPod, cell phones, digital cameras and mp3 players.
  6. GreenBatteries.com:
    Turn to this site when you’re looking for rechargeable, reusable batteries and battery chargers.
  7. Wind Up phone charger:
    This manual tool is lightweight and doesn’t require electricity.
  8. GreenPrint:
    Shop for eco-conscious software here and find different versions of a product that eliminates paper wasting when you print.
  9. BuildingGreen.com:
    This sustainable building and design group also features a product listings page where you can shop for windows, decking, lighting, electrical materials, HVAC systems and other green materials.

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